[Waste hair] Armpit hair, nape hair, and even the back of the hand? Where are the surrounding eyes worrisome?

After all, the first seems to be seeing the hair loss state of the armpit.

Especially for women, there are many fashionable clothes such as sleeveless shirts in the summer.

However, if you can see the waste hair from the armpit or the black lumps after shaving, the impression will change at once.

In fact, there seems to be such an opinion from men.

She knows she's working hard on her, but I honestly don't like her shavings.

But I can't tell her ...

I thought the woman's armpit was slippery, but she was surprised to see that she was growing quite a bit.

Photo-epilation is recommended because armpit hair grows quickly even after shaving and tends to become ingrown hair.

2. 2.Nape hair

The second thing you see is surprisingly "nape hair".

  • Nape hair that you can see when you crouch down

  • Nape hair that you can glimpse when you brush your hair

  • Yukata figure, nape hair when up

In particular, many men say that they like the nape of women, so they just get caught up in it.

So, if the nape is covered with hair, or if it grows and tingles after shaving,

It seems that the sexyness is halved.


To be honest, my nape hair was off guard ...! It's amazing how surprisingly it is seen.

3. 3.Hair on the back of the hand, hair on the fingers

It seems that the hair on the back of the hand and the hair on the fingers are also unexpectedly seen.

In particular, working women can be seen at the moment of a meeting.

There is also such a voice from a man.

It was not until I became a married couple and lived together that I learned for the first time that hair grows on the toes of women.

Her hair was a little surprised at her finger when she proposed by surprise.

It seems that many men have hairless hair on the backs and fingers of women.

I want to take proper care on a daily basis so as not to be surprised.

4. VIO hair loss condition

You may think that VIO hair "cannot be seen".

However, there seem to be unexpected opportunities such as hot springs, swimming pools, health checkups, and overnight dates.

In particular, the following severe points were made by women.

When I went on a hot spring trip with a friend, I lost my word when I saw VIO's hair sticking out from both sides of my enthusiastic underwear.

Please be careful because it is annoying.

I think I took care of it very hard, but probably because it grows quickly, short hair pierces my underwear and it looks like a cactus.

If you're not careful because you can't usually see it, you may feel embarrassed unexpectedly.

Let's take proper care on a daily basis.

Let's do partial hair removal

From the above, let's partially remove the armpit hair, nape hair, back of the hand and finger hair that are easy for people to see.

Hair removal includes medical hair removal, salon hair removal, and self-hair removal with a household epilator.

1. Medical hair removal

Medical hair removal can permanently remove hair with strong power that can only be used in hospitals.

It is the most effective, but it costs money.

(A total of 300,000 to 500,000 yen is the market price for armpits, nape, back of hands, and VIO)

2. 2.Hair removal at an esthetic salon

On the other hand, hair removal in the salon is less powerful than medical hair removal, but the cost is a little lower.

However, it is difficult to make reservations for popular salons, and it takes time to complete.

3. 3.Self-hair removal with a household epilator

The cost of a household epilator is the cheapest, and you can do self-hair removal at home, so cospa is good.
On the other hand, it is difficult to remove hair from areas that are difficult to reach by yourself, such as the back.

Let's easily care for partial hair removal with a household epilator

  • It's annoying to go to the salon for partial hair removal.

  • It costs money because there are many hair loss points.

  • I don't want to spend money on the back of my hands or the hair on my fingers.

A household epilator is recommended for such people.


How was it?

I think I'm careful about hair loss on my limbs, but I found that unexpected parts such as nape hair and back hair were seen.

Of course, it is ideal to remove hair from the whole body by permanent hair removal, but it is not very realistic in terms of cost.

I personally think it's a waste of time to go.

I think it is recommended to select and purchase a household epilator that can output salon-grade power.

Please refer to the link below for recommended epilators.