What are you doing to remove unwanted hair from your back? What is the cost and frequency of back hair removal?

How long does it take to remove hair from the back in a salon?

I can't do my back myself, and after all it's a salon or medical hair removal! … But it looks expensive (tears) How many times does it take effect in the first place? I want to finish it cheaply in the shortest time ~

Hair removal on the back is a difficult part to do on your own, but hair removal salons and medical hair removal are costly.

Here are some general guidelines.

You can experience the effects of back hair removal at least 8 times and on average 12 times at salons and medical hair removal.

There are individual differences in the hair on the back, as some people have thick hair and others have only hair that looks like downy hair.

It seems that many people realized the effect after 10 to 12 times on average.

It seems that it will be enough for people with a lot of hair 18 times and for people with almost inconspicuous waste hair about 10 times, so it seems that there will be a difference in cost and number of times.

Estimated price (cost) for salon and medical hair removal for back hair removal

It turned out that there are large individual differences in back hair removal, but how much does the average cost cost?

On average, the average of 12 times of back top and bottom hair removal is

It is about 100,000 to 120,000 for salons and 150,000 to 200,000 for medical hair removal.

Eh, but the major XX salon says that the monthly fee is 500 yen, right? Isn't it cheaper?

Have you heard about the expenses, the number of times, and counseling, just for the monthly fee?

If you don't look it up, it's often different from the image.

Beware of monthly salons

There are many salons that sing like "whole body hair removal for 1900 yen per month",

In many salons, you don't just have to pay a monthly fee.

An admission fee and a down payment are required separately, and although it is a monthly system, you can only perform one treatment at each location for trial purposes.

The monthly system is mostly used as a front end (barker).

Certainly, it's not that cheap ...!You can't remove hair for 500 yen for the whole body, even though it costs labor and rent ...

It's real! (Laughs) Well, let's imagine how much it will actually cost to complete, referring to the prices of major salons below.

salonNumber of times Price (cost)
Ginza color of hair removal specialty store
6 times in 8 months (whole body hair loss)

6 times 93000 yen (8 months)

About 180,000 yen for 12 times (16 months)

(Monthly 3000 yen plan)

Hair removal lab

L parts 4000 yen per time

Whole body hair removal monthly 1900 yen plan

(Once for the whole body in 14 months)

48,000 yen (6 months) for 6 times up and down the back

96000 (1 year) with 12 times up and down the back

28,000 yen once for 14 months

159980 yen for 6 times of whole body

Even with just the back, 100,000 yen seems to be prepared ...

If there is a person who can help with back hair removal, a household epilator is definitely a great deal

By the way, don't you live near your family or boyfriend?

I live alone, but I meet my sister almost every week. I'm back home.

Then, why don't you just help me with my back hair removal?

If you have a family member or friend who is likely to help you remove hair only on your back, a household epilator is definitely a great deal.

Reservation 0, care is possible at home

If it's a household epilator, you don't have to make a reservation.

You can take care of yourself at home whenever you want.

It is often difficult to make a reservation once every two weeks, so if you have a household epilator

It's a nice point to be able to take care of the next day even if there is a sudden change in schedule.

Cheap price (cost) hair removal

Even with a household epilator, if you choose a high-grade one, you can remove hair firmly and effectively.

If the price range is about 50,000 to 80,000 yen, most of them can handle whole body hair removal 100 times or more.

(Cheaper ones may have harmful effects such as low effect, fragility, and small number of shots.)

Please refer to the following for recommended epilators that are highly effective.

Excellent effect with salon-class power

Some household epilators have the same power output as salons.

In particular, Datsumo Labo Home Edition

Has developed an epilator that is safe and has the same power for business use, and seems to be very popular.

It will be completed 6 times in 3 months and 12 times in 6 months at a pace of once every 2 weeks.

You can feel the effect that it becomes difficult to grow around the 3rd month and the back becomes slippery around the 5th month.

* There are individual differences.

If this is the case, it seems to be effective quickly without going to the salon.

Since there are many shots, you can also remove hair from the whole body, so the cost performance is the strongest.

Many household epilators can perform 100,000 to 1.2 million shots and whole body hair removal 300 times or more in this class.

Therefore, not only hair removal on the back, but also limbs, fingers, VIO, etc. can be challenged and the whole body can be smooth.

If you share it with your sister, you can remove hair for about 35,000 yen! Cospa is good! Easy on your wallet!


The caretaker cian has an 8-year-old daughter help with back hair removal.

It's easy because you just put it in rapid fire mode and slide the equipment in order from the top, and it's fun and helpful. It only takes about 1 minute on your back.


How was it?

My back was seen as a surprise, so I was also a blind spot,

After removing hair from my back, I can now wear a yukata or camisole without worrying about the eyes of others.

The back is a little difficult to remove by yourself,

My friend looked in the mirror and put on a household epilator well, and now he has a slippery back.

There was also a lovely couple who had her boyfriend remove her hair. (Let's leave it alone)

Salons and medical hair removal are costly, so if you want to clean cheaply, we recommend a household epilator.