[Review of Saji Juice] Is it really effective for anemia and gray hair? Also verified bad reviews.

What is Saji in the first place?

By the way, what exactly is Saji?

I looked it up.

Saji is a plant of the family Elaeagnaceae, and is the name of a plant that produces cute orange fruits like azuki beans. (Photo)

It is widely distributed in the Eurasian continent such as Mongolia, and is called by various names such as sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn.

Notably, it contains as many as 299 nutrients.

It is called "super fruit" because of its high nutritional value.

For beauty and health, Hollywood actresses have been attracting attention, and recently they have landed in Japan.

Especially for Japanese women who tend to be deficient in iron, it seems to be popular as the best fruit.

I actually bought and drank mellow saji

I bought Finesse's mellow saji.

(I threw away the box before taking the picture 💦 I'm sorry)

With a regular purchase, it is calculated as 3000 yen a month and 100 yen a day.

It's okay if you replace it with saji instead of buying a bottle of juice.

This looks like a bottle of shochu, but it's different. This is Saji.

Contains a thick orange liquid.

Let's pour it into a glass.

Color: Very deep orange.

It's not a bright orange, but a slightly dull dark orange.

Aroma: The sour scent of fruit, like the addition of apricots and oranges.

Taste: Let's drink as it is without diluting.

...? Plum? It tastes like a mixture of citrus fruits with strong acidity. It's not bad, but it has a slightly irony aftertaste, so you can feel that it is "effective" for anemia. I don't feel the sweetness.

Let's divide it with soda.

The color does not fade at all.

Let's drink.

It looks like citrus sour and is delicious!

It's a nice izakaya, and there seems to be such a sour.

I was able to drink refreshingly and deliciously.

In addition, it is recommended to mix it with yogurt because it is easy to drink.

(I think sweetened yogurt is more delicious because it is not sweet)

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What are the three effects of drinking mellow saji juice?

I actually drank it every day for a month and tried to verify the effect.

The effects I felt are as follows.

Effect 1.I'm less tired

When I had severe anemia, I was tired when I went up the stairs at the station, and I was saying that.

Even though I didn't exercise in particular, I couldn't get rid of my tiredness the next morning even when I went to bed.

However, one month after I started drinking sazzy juice, I was less short of breath when going up and down the stairs and less tired from the morning.

Effect 2.Reduced hair loss and dryness

After I became anemic, my hair wasn't well nourished, and I was scared after taking a bath.

When observing the hair that had fallen out, the hair roots were weak and there was no water, so it was dry and full of split ends.

However, drinking sazzy juice for a month clearly reduced hair loss.

I was really relieved at this.

I was glad that the hair loss was reduced!

In the first place, hair loss and white hair are often caused by anemia.

Effect 3.Rough skin has decreased

I'm the type who always makes big boil when I'm not feeling well.

I haven't been able to do it since I started drinking sazzy juice.

People with a lot of skin problems had pimples on their chin as soon as they changed their lotion or environment.

Now that I've forgotten a little routine skin care, nothing happens.

I feel that my skin has become stronger.

Effect 4.Immediately after drinking, the power is full

This may vary from person to person, but when you're tired, you may drink energy drinks.

It's really effective if you take it when you feel tired or anemic with a similar feeling.

Now I know when my body wants sazzy juice.

Is the bad review of Finesse's mellow sazzy juice true? Is it dangerous? I tried to verify.

@cosme has the following reviews.

What is the bad word of mouth of Saji? Why is it said to be dangerous?

Saji Juice has the following reviews to some extent.

✅ I have a rough stomach

✅ I didn't feel any change

✅ Heartburn

In fact, the caretaker has actually had heartburn and has contacted Finesse.

And I understood the cause.

Saji can make your stomach irritated or upset.

It was because Sagi contained acid (vitamin C).

Have you ever failed to drink orange juice when your stomach isn't feeling well or when you're hungry?

If you drink too much citrus juice or take it when your stomach is not feeling well, it may cause heartburn or stomach pain.

People who don't have a strong stomach or who drank sazzy juice when their stomach was empty

Those who have the impression of "heartburn" are not lying, and word of mouth is not a mistake.

However, iron has the characteristic that it is difficult to be absorbed unless it is taken at the same time as vitamin C.

This saji is very effective in absorbing iron.

When I drank the undiluted solution as it was, I sometimes felt sick.

I felt that it should be taken after making it a little mild by adding carbonic acid or yogurt.

Also, when I had a stomach upset, I took a day off without overdoing it, and the trouble disappeared.

For the reasons mentioned above, like orange juice, sazzy juice is not dangerous,

If you have a weak stomach or are worried about whether it suits your constitution,

We strongly recommend that you start with a trial.

Now it's 1000 yen with free shipping.