[Healing the white hair of young people and children] Measures for white hair from the 30s

Three main causes of gray hair and young gray hair

It is said that the following three factors are the major causes of the increase in gray hair.

Causes of gray hair 1: Aging (aging)

Many of the causes of gray hair are due to aging.

Aging begins in the thirties and the number of white hair gradually increases.

The reason why gray hair increases with aging is that the function of producing melanin called melanocytes deteriorates.

When the function of melanocytes deteriorates, the production of melanin pigment slows down and the number of white hair increases.

Hair falls off in about 4 to 6 years, but when it falls off, melanocytes are also lost at the same time.

When you are young, melanocytes also regenerate when the next hair grows, but as you age, the number of cases where they do not regenerate increases, so white hair grows.

This age-related white hair can be healed by improving the function of melanocytes.

Cause of gray hair 2: Stress (young gray hair, etc.)

Stress often causes gray hair.

"Stress" here refers to both mental stress and external stress on the scalp.

People with young gray hair from their twenties are often caused by these two stresses.

When under mental stress, the sympathetic nerves dominate and sebum secretion becomes active.

When the sebum comes in contact with the air, it clogs the pores and causes dandruff, itching, hair loss and fine hair.

Furthermore, when sebum increases on the scalp, the action of melanocytes that produce melanin pigments is suppressed, which also causes gray hair to grow.

Scalp cleansing with carbonated shampoo is an effective way to remove sebum from the scalp.

The stress on the scalp is due to "ultraviolet rays" and "chemical products contained in shampoo and water".

"Ultraviolet rays" and "chemical products such as shampoo" interfere with the normal turnover of the scalp, causing dandruff, itching, hair loss and fine hair.

This also causes dandruff, itching, hair loss and fine hair.

Of course, melanocytes do not work properly and cause gray hair to grow.

As a countermeasure, keep your scalp clean by wearing a hat when you go out and using additive-free shampoo such as non-silicone or scalp.

By the way, the caretaker changed the shower head so that the scalp trouble disappeared.

Specifically, hair loss has decreased, and the hair has become glossy.

I think many people have seen it in commercials, but I highly recommend the Mirable shower head.

Causes of gray hair: food

It seems that hereditary white hair is also young white hair.

However, it is known that food has a great influence on the cause of gray hair.

The lack of iron and minerals, such as anemia, is also due to insufficient nutrition from food.

If parents also have a lot of gray hair, eating habits together may be the cause of the gray hair.

Women are especially prone to anemia because they have menstruation, and when they become anemia, they have more thinning hair, hair loss, and white hair.

However, it is becoming clear that this can also be cured by improving nutritional aspects such as eating habits and reducing mental and external stress.

How to radically improve white hair and young white hair Now that you know the cause of white hair, let's see how to prevent it from growing.

Reducing mental stress is not easy, so here we will mainly talk about food and how to reduce love stress.

1. 1.Reviewing food (intake of protein and minerals) cures gray hair

Keep the following in mind when it comes to eating habits to avoid increasing gray hair.

1. 1.Foods that contain good protein will cure your white hair

Good quality protein is required for normal operation of melanocytes.

For example, the following foods.

・ Beans such as soybeans, meat, fish, eggs

Take it consciously every day.

We recommend drinking protein, which allows you to easily ingest high-quality protein every day.

2. 2.Foods containing zinc, iodine and iron improve gray hair

Zinc, iodine, and iron are minerals and nutrients that help activate melanocytes.

Iron and zinc are nutrients that produce healthy skin and hair, but women are particularly vulnerable to lack because they are easily lost due to menstruation.

The following foods are high in zinc and iron iodine, so be sure to take them in a balanced manner!

・ Oyster (zinc)

・ Liver / beef (iron)

・ Hijiki seaweed, seaweed, seaweed, tororo kombu (seaweed)

When converted to the nutrients required to improve white hair, it is said that 5 oysters, 150 g of beef, and 1 bowl of seaweed are required every day.

It is extremely difficult to take the above foods every day, so it is recommended to use supplements that can easily obtain the required amount of necessary nutrients.

It is a supplement that contains 10 types of elements necessary for hair gloss as well as measures against white hair.

The good thing about this supplement is that the cost performance is too good at around 5400 yen for a 3-month pack.

[The average price of supplements for improving white hair is about 5,000 yen a month]

If you try it for 3 months, you can fully verify the effect, and there is no limit to the number of times, so

The point is that if you don't like it, you can cancel it immediately.

2. 2.Fasting and petit fasting cure white hair

Earlier, I tried to improve the white hair by changing the food, but the next method is to raise the body's immunity and secrete growth hormone.

The method adopted by the caretaker CIAN is fasting.

I am regaining my black hair by fasting twice a year.

Fasting and petit fasting boost your immunity.

In addition, growth hormone secretion is increased by about 30% compared to when fasting is not performed.

As part of its effect, the cycle is that melanocytes become more active and the white hair heals.

Taking the example of an entertainer, Masaharu Fukuyama and Tamori do not seem to have white hair.

The secret is that he keeps youthful because he is fasting with enzyme drinks and eating one meal a day.

It seems that overeating is one of the causes of white hair growth.

Fasting and petit fasting are very easy. ▼▼▼

Glorin One Cloth is easy to use and dyes gray hair together when shampooing.

It is a recommended product because it is additive-free and does not damage the hair.

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If you find gray hair, dye it with this shampoo and

After making it a routine to grow black hair by fasting and taking supplements,

Now I'm less likely to find gray hair.

Summary of causes of white hair and how to improve white hair

How was it?

Until a while ago, I didn't believe that white hair and young white hair would heal from the ground up, but by reviewing my diet and shampoo, I actually have less white hair.

Women are especially prone to anemia and are more likely to have gray hair.

In terms of health management, let's work on it from now on.

✅ The cause of gray hair is due to disordered eating habits and stress

✅ Shampoo and UV rays also cause stress on the scalp.

✅ To solve gray hair from the ground up, stick to diet, supplements, and shampoo.

✅ Reviewing the shower head is also quite effective

✅ Fasting with high quality protein and supplements.

✅ If gray hair stands out, use additive-free gray hair dye