6 amazing effects when drinking 2L of water every day [Dramatic improvement of rough skin and swelling]

What I devised to drink 2L of water every day

There is no particular way to drink 2L of water every day.

However, be sure to drink 2L firmly.

However, when I actually started, I felt that drinking 2L of water a day without planning was tough, so I tried the following method in my own way.

Advance preparation

  • Prepare a 2L PET bottle of water in advance. (I bought a dozen on Amazon.)

  • Leave the water at room temperature

Now, let me tell you about the method that the manager actually worked on.

How to drink 2L of water a day

  1. When you wake up in the morning, drink 200 ml of water slowly.

  2. Drink 200 ml of water before breakfast.

  3. Drink 200 ml of water with breakfast

  4. Drink 200 ml of water when your throat is dry

  5. Drink 200 ml before lunch.

  6. Drink 200 ml with lunch.

  7. Drink 200 ml of water when your throat is dry

  8. Drink 200 ml of water before dinner

  9. Drink 200 ml of water with dinner

  10. Drink 200 ml of water before going to bed

The main points are as follows.


✅ Be sure to drink a glass of water before meals

✅ Take water while eating

✅ Before drinking luxury items such as cocoa and juice, be sure to drink a glass of water.

I made some changes to the rules, such as when going out and on holidays,

I challenged on the premise that I would drink up 2L in the end.

4 changes in the body caused by drinking 2L of water every day for a week

In fact, after a week of 2 liters of water, the following changes appeared.

1. 1.Toilet is close

I became like going to the bathroom once an hour.

The color of urine in the morning was colored, but in the evening, colorless urine will come out.

You can feel that "I'm getting rid of waste products!"

2. 2.The number of flights has increased

The caretaker doesn't have that much constipation,

Sometimes it's not two days a day.

However, after I started to drink 2L of water every day, I started to get stools naturally without any effort.

When there were many, there were days when I went out about three times a day.

3. 3.Meals are reduced

The caretaker made sure to drink 200 ml of water before meals.

Also, I always drink 200ml of water during meals, so one meal is 400ml in total.

Then, although I should have felt very hungry, I began to feel full during the meal.

4.Wake up early in the morning

This is simply because I want to go to the bathroom, but I started to wake up at 5:30 in the morning.

Moreover, it wakes up refreshingly, so from the morning (drinking water)

You can now stretch and read.

6 effects of drinking 2L of water for a week

Now, let me tell you about the effect obtained as a result of the caretaker actually drinking 2L of water for a week.

1.1Kg lost weight

I lost 1kg just by drinking 2L of water every day without changing my eating habits.

I think this is because the feeling of fullness caused by water naturally reduced the amount of food and snacks.

Also, even if you eat it, it will be excreted immediately, so I think it will be harder to accumulate.

2. 2.The lower abdomen is retracted

By drinking 2L of water, my lower abdomen was a little lumpy, but it improved.

This is because the impaction was discharged because the number of flights increased.

I think the cause is that the amount of food was reduced due to the feeling of fullness caused by drinking water.

3. 3.The calf has become thinner

As a result of drinking 2L of water for 7 days, my calf became thinner for some reason.

It was terrible swelling for about 2 days after I started, but it became lighter from about 3rd day.

This is thought to be due to the increased number of toilets and improved water metabolism.

4.Rough skin is gone

Rough skin was improved by drinking 2L of water.

Painful pimples became smaller and flatter every time I woke up in the morning.

5.The skin tone has improved

The caretaker is often said to have a "bad complexion",

By drinking 2L of water for a week, the skin tone was clearly improved.

And the complexion of my lips has improved.

The cause is unknown, but drinking water improves turnover.

It may be related.

6.Be active

I was wondering if I could get hungry and stuck by drinking 2L of water every day.

I became more energetic and active than usual.

The cause of this is unknown, but it is probably

Because the clogged waste products flowed and metabolism improved

I presume that the energy is being used normally.

[Summary] You should definitely drink 2L of water every day.

How was it?

Honestly, the caretaker didn't think that just drinking water would be so effective.

The point of this experiment is to "drink 2L of water without changing your eating habits".

When I put tea and coffee together, I think I had taken about 2L of water so far.

After all, I realized that "water" was necessary.

In addition, I noticed two things.

Notice 1.Fasting is better for detoxification

To be honest, I think it's enough to drink 2L of water every day,

When I'm fasting, I don't think I've got an impaction.

After all, I haven't changed my eating habits, so

Fasting that detoxifies firmly while taking only high-quality enzymes

I felt that I should do it about once a year.

Notice 2.You should drink good quality water

This time, I drank about 500 ml of tap water on the go.

On that day, I couldn't excrete as I expected.

When I changed to natural water the next day, it came out smoothly.

After all, it seems that it is not good if the water contains "Kalki" and "Chlorine".

The effect of tap water is halved, isn't it?

Notice 3.PET bottles are troublesome

I prepared a PET bottle this time

The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to throw away the PET bottle.

I bought 12 2L bottles

It was quite troublesome because it took up a lot of space and the garbage bag became a bun.

Currently, we are changing to a water purifier and running it.

It is not a replacement type, but a type that thoroughly purifies tap water is easy and recommended.

Compared to other water purifiers, the cost performance is good and the water purifier is stylish.

It is a product that you are interested in.