How to Buy Hair Removal Lab Home Edition at the Cheapest and Cheapest [2020] [Home Epilator]

Benefits of buying Hair Removal Lab Home Edition from the official website

The Hair Removal Lab Home Edition has the following advantages when purchased from the official website.

1. 1. Now you can get a discount of 5,000 yen at the list price and purchase it for 66,478 yen [Lowest price]

If you use Amazon Pay (a method of paying with an Amazon account) or a credit card as the payment method for Hair Removal Lab Home Edition,

It seems that you can purchase it at the regular price of 5000 yen discount.

If you get a 5000 yen discount, you can have a delicious lunch with the money you have left!

2. Shipped in 3 days and ready to use

On other sites, there are many things that take time to arrive, such as "shipping in the beginning of the next day" and "waiting for arrival", but

From the official website, it seems that it will be shipped in 3 days including Saturday and Sunday.


Perfect for me who want to start hair removal as soon as possible

3. 3.Comes with luxurious benefits limited to the official page

It seems that you can get a lot of benefits from the hair removal lab by purchasing from the official page.

Benefits as of May 2020

  • Whole body jelly water

  • Body scrub

  • Face shaver

  • Esthetic ticket 1000 yen that can be used in the hair removal lab

A state of benefits worth a total of 12480 yen.

If you have ingrown hair, gently scrub it and it will come out in about 3 days. It's a nice privilege.


There is also a shaver for the face, so hair removal is perfect.

The content of the campaign is different, but it seems to be running all year round. For details, please check from the official website below.

Click here for the official page of Hair Removal Lab

Purchasing on Amazon or Rakuten is not cheap and can not be purchased at a good price

Do you think Amazon and Rakuten are more profitable than the official website?

In many cases, it may be better to buy from Amazon or Rakuten, but

About this product

In fact, if you buy from Amazon or Rakuten, you may lose money.

Let's actually see it.

Amazon Hair Removal Lab Home Edition Selling Price

Amazon seems to sell it at a fixed price.

Amazon selling price 71478 yen

What, then, don't you lose?


Actually, if you buy from the official website, you will often get various benefits, but from Amazon, it will be only the main body.

Of course, there is no 5,000 yen discount.

Is that so?I did not know···

Rakuten Hair Removal Lab Home Edition Selling Price

At Rakuten, it seems that popular items are bought and sold at a price higher than the list price.

Of course, it is only the main unit price.

Rakuten selling price 71478 yen to 87,000 yen (as of May 2020)

Is it higher than the list price? Is it out of stock? It looks like an animal forest!


In this state, it's not very profitable to buy from Rakuten ...

Hair Removal Lab Home Edition Selling Price at Other Major Home Appliance Mass Stores

I compared the selling prices of big cameras and Yodobashi cameras.

Big camera selling price 71478 yen
Yodobashi Camera selling price 71478 yen

It's not a bargain


It seems that there is only merit for those who have accumulated points.

* It is not recommended to buy second-hand goods at flea market sites.

Some flea market sites sell cheaply, but we do not recommend them for the following reasons.

  • I don't know how the previous person used it

  • May be fake

  • Not hygienic because it is VIO compatible

  • There is no warranty in case of failure (officially 1 year warranty)

  • Amateur inspection such as operation check not possible, return not possible, etc.

  • Not sure if the number of remaining shots is correct

If you think about it in total, it can be expensive.

Hair Removal Lab Home Edition Datsumo Labo Home Edition
How to buy

Now let's see how to buy Hair Removal Lab Home Edition at a great price.

1. 1.Below, access the official website page of the hair removal lab mail order

Click here for the official website

2. 2.Press the button labeled "Everyone 5000 yen OFF" at the bottom of the page

3. 3.Campaign discount-Confirm that 5000 yen has been given, and proceed to the next

① is credit card payment, ② is Amazon Pay.


If you have an Amazon account, Amazon pay is recommended because the procedure is easy. You can purchase immediately by logging in to Amazon from the button ② above.

* Be sure to check with novelty on the final purchase page!

4. (In the case of credit card below) Create an account

For payments other than Amazon pay, create an account.

5.Enter credit card information etc.

As you proceed to create an account, the credit card information input screen will appear, so enter it correctly.

6.Discount at the final confirmation, confirm novelty

Scroll down to confirm the final confirmation screen.

Check the novelty and confirm the payment.

After confirming that the discount has been applied, press the button to confirm the order.

I was able to purchase the Hair Removal Lab Home Edition with benefits at a discount of 5,000 yen.

Summary Hair Removal Lab should be bought from the official website at a good price

How was it?

I also researched various things and found that the official website is the best way to purchase "Hair Removal Lab Home Edition".

If you're wondering where to buy, we recommend buying from the official website.