Is it difficult to make a reservation for Musee?Explaining how to make a reservation for Musee and online hair removal

It is difficult to make a reservation for Musee This is the key to making a reservation

There are four ways to book Musee.

Ease of bookingEase of booking
Musee Passport (App)
site ○ ○ ○ ○
phone ○ ○ ×
When you come to the store ○ ○

It is difficult to make a phone call, and the schedule for making a reservation when visiting the store is likely to change, such as one month in advance.

I can't recommend it very much.

This is because women often have to change their schedules, especially for sudden reasons such as menstruation.

Reservation for Musee is by far the app ◎

If you want to make a reservation for Musee, you can personally choose the app.

Due to the situation where reservations could not be made, the Musee side developed an app called "Muse Passport".

Same-day reservations are possible as long as there is space.


You can see the availability at a glance, which will save you time. You can also change or cancel with this app.

The Musee Passport has other features like this.

Musee Passport (App)

  • You can see the availability of salons nationwide. (Also possible on the go)

  • Same-day reservation is possible if there is a vacancy

  • You can make a reservation at any time

  • Waiting for cancellation is also possible

  • If you set the free time, there is a function to notify you


When I was attending, there was no app, so it was very difficult to make a reservation.

I couldn't make a phone call, and it was troublesome and difficult to log in to the site one by one.

With this app, you can rest assured!

How to cancel or change Musee and what are the penalties?

For Musee reservations, there is no penalty for canceling reservations up to 24 hours before the reservation time.

Even if you are in poor physical condition or have a schedule change, you can easily change or cancel your reservation on the WEB up to 24 hours in advance, so it is conscientious.

However, if you do not cancel or if you do not cancel within 24 hours, it will be treated as cancellation on the day and will not be refundable.

Can Musee be treated during menstruation?

Do I have to change my Musee reservation when I suddenly get my period?

I will answer such a question.

In conclusion, Musee can be cleaned during menstruation except in the delicate zone of VIO.

However, some people have sensitive skin during menstruation, so if the cancellation policy is gentle Musee,

It may be better to change it to another day without overdoing it.

If you are considering Musee from now on, first give counseling

That said, you don't have to make a quick decision, "Let's make Musee!"

For the time being, those who are interested should go to free counseling to experience the atmosphere and ask for details.

Sometimes you can't make a reservation even with the Musee app

That said, the popular Musee.

Especially in areas where there are few Musee salons and in urban areas with a large population.

In fact, you may find it difficult to make a reservation for Musee because you cannot find a space in the app.

In such a case, let's devise like this.

Avoid pre-summer to summer reservations as it is difficult to make Musee reservations

In the season when you start to worry about waste hair, the number of new hair will increase and reservations will be flooded.

In such a case, it will be difficult to make a reservation for Musee.

If you want to start, it's better to devise the season.

Avoid making reservations for Musee when there are many campaigns and commercials

When there are many Musee commercials or during campaigns, Musee is crowded and it is difficult to make reservations.

In that case, check the organization that ended the campaign and make a reservation after that.

Take advantage of Musee's online hair removal

Musee has started online hair removal.

What kind of service is Musee's online hair removal?


  • A service that allows you to remove hair at both the salon and at home for 1800 yen per month

  • As a prerequisite, you need to purchase Musee's photo epilator and lotion etc.

  • Of course, the optical epilator you purchase can be used on the whole body.

  • Get salon support via email, chat or phone

It seems that.

Free counseling is also required for online hair removal.


Musee Platinum, a popular hair removal salon.

Online hair removal has also started, making it even easier to use.

I should have worked hard until the app was made ... I regret it a little.

Musee isn't so enthusiastic about solicitations, and it's so smooth that you can't beat it, so if you're wondering, you can go to counseling and listen to it once.