This is a must-see for people who have trouble dealing with unwanted hair. What is the ideal situation for women's unwanted hair?

Is Waste Hair Treatment Really Necessary?

Is waste hair treatment really necessary in the first place?

Isn't it okay not to treat waste hair because it's sex?

Doesn't everyone think this way every time they treat unwanted hair?

Opinion of waste hair treatment unnecessary group

In Europe and the United States (especially Europe), it seems that about 20% of people do not treat waste hair at all.

The reason is

"Women are beautiful as they are," he said.

It seems that many people in Europe and the United States who do not treat unwanted hair do not make up at the same time.

In fact, even in Japan, there seems to be some women who say that they haven't treated waste hair for many years.

When asked about the reason by anonymity, the main reasons are as follows.

  • "Because there is no one to show"

  • "There is no pool or hot spring, only you can see"

  • "I don't care in this year"

  • Because I'm finished as a woman

Opinion of waste hair treatment necessary group

On the other hand, there was such an opinion from a woman.

  • I think waste hair treatment is etiquette to the surroundings.

  • The arm hair of the person next to me on the train yesterday was too boring and uncomfortable

  • I was scared when I could see through my long shin hair from my senior's stockings.

  • The side of my friend who went to the hot spring with me felt filthy and filthy.

About the true intention of women's unwanted hair from the perspective of men

So what do men think about women's unwanted hair?

I asked two male friends.

Reasons why waste hair treatment is troublesome

Why is waste hair treatment troublesome in the first place? Let's look at the reasons one by one.

1. 1.Time consuming and frequent maintenance required

The main reason is that it takes time to remove unwanted hair.

If it's a cream, you have to leave it for about 10 minutes to spray it all over and wash it off.

With a razor, even if you take the time to shave it, it may already be tingling the next day.

2. 2.Wide range of processing

Not only the limbs, armpits, and visible range, but also the nape, back, VIO, etc.

Besides, it is inevitable that it will be annoying to have to take care of it frequently.

3. 3.I can't see the end

Wasted hair that grows even if you shave it.

It's horrifying to think that this process must be continued for the rest of your life.

However, medical hair removal and salons are expensive.

In the first place, it is troublesome to go to medical hair removal and salon.

Recommended method for those who can do their best to remove unwanted hair once a week for 5 minutes

If you can do your best for 5 to 10 minutes once a week, it is recommended to buy a household epilator.

Use a household epilator

The quality of modern household epilators is stunning.

  • Note

    • Salon-class power

    • Hair removal ends just by stroking the skin

    • Even if you hit the whole body, it will finish in 5 to 10 minutes

    • Hair is halved after about 3 months

    • Hair gradually becomes harder to grow, so the number of cares is reduced.

In particular, the popular products of Dr. Esmis Zero, Kenong, and DatsumoLaboHomeEdeition have a large number of shots (number of times of light irradiation).

The charging time (charging time until the next shot) is also very short, so even if you irradiate the whole body, it will be completed within 10 minutes.

Product nameCharge timeEstimated time to complete the whole body
Salon Technology Home Esthetic Hair Removal [Dr. Elmis Zero] 0.3 seconds 5 minutes
The photo beauty of the industry people is amazing! "Kenong" 0, 1 second 5 minutes
Datsumo Labo Home Edition 1 second 10 minutes

"Kenong" seems to be able to perform the next irradiation in 0.1 seconds in continuous shooting mode.

Therefore, it is an excellent product that hair removal is completed just by stroking the skin.

Datsumo Labo Home Edition has a charge time of 1 second,

Since VIO can also remove hair and has the same irradiation power as the salon, it takes less time to complete hair removal.


Waste hair treatment is very troublesome, but whether you listen to the opinions of men or women,

After all, it seems better to do it than not to do it.

In particular, we now have excellent household epilators that are cheap and clean.

In order to continue to be a beautiful woman, let's do our best once a week with just 5 minutes of care.