Hair removal in 5 minutes for the whole body Word of mouth and effect of Dr. Elmis Zero [light hair removal / facial equipment]

What is Dr. Elmis Zero?

What kind of product is Dr. Elmis Zero?

Let's look at the details.

Price (tax included) 49800 yen (54780 yen including tax)
number of shots
  • For hair removal (600,000 shots)

  • For photo facials (600,000 shots)

Price / per shot 0.04 yen (12.5 yen for whole body care)
Attached cartridge For hair removal / photo facial (for beautiful face)
Irradiation level 5 levels (automatic adjustment according to skin color)

The price of Dr. Elmis Zero is about 20,000 yen cheaper than Kenon, and the number of shots is equal to or more than Kenon.

Also, because the price includes the facial cartridge (for photo facial), the cost performance is better than Kenon, which sells the facial cartridge separately (7800 yen).

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Five features of Dr. Elmis Zero

Dr. Elmis Zero has five notable features.

1. 1.Irradiation level is automatically adjusted according to the skin color

Because many household epilators have a style of adjusting the irradiation level by themselves,

The irradiation level was too strong and I felt pain, and conversely it was too weak to be effective, which was a high hurdle for beginners.

However, Dr. Elmis Zero automatically adjusts the irradiation level according to the skin color, so
It is easy to use even for beginners, and it is safe because it can be used effectively.

2. 2. Hair removal is completed in 5 minutes for the whole body. Non-stop irradiation (continuous fire)

The best feature of Dr. Elmis Zero is its rapid rate of fire.

While many household epilators take 2-5 seconds to charge (irradiation interval),
Dr. Elmis Zero can perform the next irradiation in 0.3 seconds at the fastest.

Therefore, simply stroking the skin slowly will complete the hair removal of the whole body, and it will be completed in about 5 minutes for the whole body.

3. 3.Salon-grade high-power hair removal

For safety reasons, the irradiation power of household epilators is often much weaker than that of salons.

Meanwhile, Dr. Elmis Zero automatically optimizes the irradiation level, so

It has the same power as a salon and has an outstanding hair removal effect.

4. Whole body hair removal 12.5 yen.Amazing cospa

Dr. Elmis Zero is one of the best products in the top class of household epilators.

Hair removal can be completed at a cost of 0.04 yen per shot and 12.5 yen for the whole body (300 shots).

Compared to the cost performance of other household epilators, it still growls.

In addition, Dr. Elmis Zero has more than enough shots and can be used for up to 20 years, eliminating the need for troublesome cartridge replacement.

It's a great deal to share with your daughter, husband, and boyfriend's beard hair removal.

5.Beautiful skin x hair removal is completed with one unit with a beautiful face cartridge included

Dr. Elmis Zero also has a face attachment for beautiful skin, and can also be used as a facial device.

With Dr. Elmis Zero, you can do photo facials at home, which is a great deal.

By the way, when comparing the facial equipment of Dr. Elmis Zero before and after using it,

  • Moisture content increases by 5% on average

  • Increased skin firmness by 20%

It seems that the result is coming out.

Review of Dr. Elmis Zero

Let's take a look at the reviews of Dr. Elmis Zero.

Good reviews of Dr. Elmis Zero

Here are some good reviews of Dr. Elmis Zero:

  • The rate of fire is fast, and hair removal is over just by stroking it.

  • It's been 3 months, but the hair removal effect is good.

  • Easy to use.It is good to know the number of remaining shots

  • No pain

Bad reviews of Dr. Elmis Zero

The bad reviews of Dr. Elmis Zero are:

  • It took a long time to arrive due to lack of stock

  • It arrived late

No bad reviews (objective impressions) about the effects of Dr. Elmis Zero have been seen so far.

Since it is a relatively new product, it seems that there was a delay in securing inventory and shipping at the beginning.

(Currently resolved)

Effect of Dr. Elmis Zero (Impression of actually using it)

Source: Dr. Elmis Zero Official

So, is Dr. Elmis Zero actually effective?

This is a straightforward impression that the manager actually used Dr. Elmis Zero for 6 months.

* It is an individual impression

  • After about 3 months, the hair on my arms and knees became almost inconspicuous.

  • Dark haired parts such as armpits and v-lines stopped growing in about 6 months.

  • You can quickly remove hair in 5 minutes before taking a bath.

  • I used it to remove my husband's beard, but it almost stopped growing in about 6 months.

  • Less painful than other epilators

  • There are more than enough shots

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Doctor Elmis Zero Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Q1: Can Dr. Elmis Zero be used for vio?

A1: Of vio, it can be used only for V line. io is not recommended due to the mucosal area.

Q2: Is Dr. Elmis Zero permanent hair removal?

A2: Regarding household epilators in general, it is not permanent hair removal. If you use it, it will only make it difficult for hair to grow, and it may grow. * Permanent hair removal is possible only for medical hair removal.

How to use Dr. Elmis Zero?

Using Doctor Elmis Zero is simple and easy.

  1. Attach attachment

  2. Turn on the power

  3. Glide your skin like a stroke

Effect and word-of-mouth summary of Dr. Elmis Zero

How was it?

Although Dr. Elmis Zero is still not well known, if you check the specifications and cost performance of each one like this,

You can see that it is a very good product with high effectiveness.

If you're wondering about a household epilator, you can buy Dr. Elmis Zero and it's worth it.