[Bust up] Does breast-feeding massage make your breasts bigger?About the effect and massage method

The bottom line is that if you continue the bust-up massage, it will definitely get bigger and your breasts will be shaped.

In addition, even a massage for bust-up has other effects such as reduction of stiff shoulders.

Let's take a look.

1. 1.4 effects of bust-up massage

The following effects can be obtained by performing a bust-up massage.

1. 1.Increase the size of your chest

If you continue the bust-up massage every day, the following changes will appear.

✅ In about two weeks, you'll notice a change in chest tension and feel.

✅ If you continue for about 2 months, the meat on your upper arm and armpits will move closer to the center, and you will feel that your bra is tight.

✅ If you continue for 3 months or more, the meat will firmly settle, so you can feel that the appearance has changed and your breasts have grown.

2. 2.Can be constricted

A bust-up massage massages the meat on your back and abdomen so that it is close to your chest.

Also, as the rib muscles are loosened, the ribs close and the constriction appears at a high position.

I should have done a bust-up massage, but it's a nice synergistic effect because I can get a constriction.

3. 3.Stiff shoulders and stiff neck improve

Bust-up massage also includes massage to improve lymphatic drainage in the neck, collarbone and armpits.

By improving the flow of lymph, improvement of stiff shoulders can be expected at the same time.

To put it the other way around, people who have stiff shoulders or stiff neck are currently in a state where it is difficult for them to grow their chest.

We recommend that you start your bust-up massage immediately.

4.The work of internal organs becomes active

The meridians of the stomach pass under the bust, and massage makes the digestive system more active and easier to move.

If you feel that your stomach is not working well or your digestive system is not working well, you can use this bust-up massage.

At the same time, the gastrointestinal condition is improved.

2. 2.People who are effective with bust-up massage

Bust-up massage is recommended because it is effective for such people.

1. 1.People who are not thin but have small breasts

People with small breasts, who are not particularly thin, have bust fat flowing to their upper arms, abdomen, and back.

With a bust-up massage, the fat that has flowed back is returned to the bust and the breasts are enlarged while

It is essential to wear a bra that suits you and a night bra when you go to bed in order to fix the fat in your bust.

2. 2.People whose bust looks small due to weaning

If the intercostal muscles are stiff, the bust will be pulled and the milk will gradually become weaned.

It is effective to massage the bust and loosen the intercostal muscles.

It is also recommended to wear a night bra when sleeping so that the bust does not flow from side to side.

3. 3.People with small breasts, thin shapes and stiff shoulders

People who have stiff shoulders, back, armpits, and lymph in the chest make it difficult for them to grow.

This person makes a bust-up massage a habit every day and drains the lymph well for at least 3 months.

You will feel the tension in your chest and the reduction of stiff shoulders, and then you will see the bust-up effect.

4.People who are lonely with shaved milk décolletage

The Cooper ligament, which raises the chest to the top, cannot be revived once it is cut,

A bust-up massage to eliminate the clogging of the décolletage

You can make the décolletage plump by loosening the stiffness of the pectoralis major and building muscles with muscle training.

3. 3. When and how effective is a bust-up massage?

When and how often should I do a bust-up massage?

Let's see it together.

When should I do a bust-up massage?

Bust-up massage can be done anytime, anywhere, if you have time.

In addition to the massage that touches the bust, there are many massages that push or loosen the acupoints on the sides and décolletage, and it is effective to incorporate them during desk work.

4.How to bust up massage

Let's see the actual bust-up massage method.

1. 1.Massage to loosen the muscles around the bust

① Put your thumb under your armpit and use your thumb to stimulate your armpit while pinching the surrounding meat to loosen it.

② Turn your shoulders back and forth 10 times each.

③ Place the middle fingers of both hands on the acupoint called "Danchu" and press for 3 seconds (10 times).


2. 2.Massage to drain the lymph under the armpit

① With your index and middle fingers, pinch the top and bottom of the clavicle and gently stroke to drain the lymph.

② Gently massage from your upper arm to your armpit as if you rub it up.

② With your fist sandwiched under the armpit on the other side, squeeze your armpit (10 seconds x 3)

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How was it?

By doing acupoint pressing and lymphatic massage without supplements or expensive breast augmentation surgery

It turned out that it is possible to raise breasts to enlarge the breasts without straining the body.

By all means, we recommend that you incorporate a bust-up massage into your daily life.

Also, even if you massage it, it is meaningless if the meat flows to your back and stomach while you sleep.

Anyone is required to wear a night bra.