[Haste] Muscle training and massage to make your upper arm thinner. The method that achieved -3 cm in 2 weeks.Also bust-up effect

1. 1. Why is your upper arm thicker?

The upper arm has two muscles, the biceps brachii and the triceps brachii.

The biceps brachii is the so-called "biceps" part.

The triceps brachii is the lower muscle called "furisode".

Nowadays, I don't use the upper arm part (triceps brachii), which is used when twisting the arm or pushing a heavy object.

But this weakening of the muscles causes the meat on the upper arm.

If you don't use the triceps brachii, your muscles will weaken and fat will tend to build up in your upper arm. As a result, the skin also becomes sagging.

This is the cause of the sagging, which is the cause of the furisode of the upper arm.

In addition, one of the causes of fat storage is that the lymphatic flow in the axilla near the upper arm is impaired due to tightness of underwear and poor posture.

Due to the stagnation of lymphatic flow, the upper arm tends to accumulate waste products and swells.

It is also said that storing fat makes it easier to get cold, which leads to a vicious cycle of worsening metabolism and makes it easier to turn into cellulite.

To make your upper arm thinner, it is important to train your triceps more efficiently.

Also, if you massage in parallel so that the stagnant axillary lymph flow is smooth, the effect of thinning the upper arm will be doubled.

2. 2.What are the two ways to make your upper arm thinner?

As mentioned above, there are two ways to make your upper arm thinner.

✅ Efficient muscle training and exercise.

✅ Promote lymphatic flow by massage and move the meat of the upper arm to the bust.

3. 3.3 muscle trainings to make your upper arm thinner

Now, I would like to introduce three muscle trainings that are effective for your upper arm that you can work on right away.

① Upper arm twist exercise

How to twist your upper arm

① Stretch your chest and stand with the image that the top of your head is pulled to the ceiling (even if you sit down)
② Using the shoulder joint and scapula, twist the arm outward. At this time, the point is to twist until the palm faces up.
③ In the same way, use the shoulder joint and scapula to twist the arm inward. Twist until the palm faces the ceiling in the same way as ②

Do this once for 1 minute x 3 times a day or more.


It also works for stiff shoulders, so it is also recommended during desk work.

② French press [stretching your upper arm]

French press method

① Open your legs about the width of your shoulders and stand in a good posture. (It's OK to sit down)

② Hold the dumbbell with both hands as shown in the above picture and set it as shown in the above picture.

③ Raise your hand holding the dumbbell above your head as slowly as possible.

④ Now bend your elbows as slowly as possible and return them to their original positions. * Make sure that the fist holding the dumbbell is behind the neck.

⑤ Repeat steps 1 to 4 20 times.

We recommend using dumbbells for muscle training, but you can use a PET bottle containing water instead.

③ Push-up exercise

How to push up

① Sleep on your back ② Hold the dumbbells in both hands and set as shown in the above picture.
③ Slowly lift the dumbbell with your arm straight up ④ Slowly return it to its original position ⑤ Repeat the above operation 10 to 15 times

We recommend using dumbbells for muscle training, but you can use a PET bottle containing water instead.

Drink good protein after muscle training. It looks thin when you have muscles.

4. Massage to thin the upper arm (also has a bust-up effect)

It is best to massage your upper arm while your body is warm, such as after taking a bath.


Fat melts and becomes liquid when heat is applied, and hardens when cooled. Warm is the best way to move fat.

If you have massage oil, use it. Orange oil, which has a high fat burning effect, is recommended.

By doing this massage, you can firmly return the fat that has flowed to your upper arm to the bust.

As a result, the upper arm becomes thinner and the effect of bust-up can be obtained.

Let's take a look.

How to massage your upper arm

① From the base of the armpit to the elbow, twist or pinch it outward and inward to loosen it well.

The image is like loosening solid butter by hand and melting it.

② Raise your arm and drain the lymph from your upper arm to your side. It is an image of making L with the thumb and index finger and scraping the meat.

Run from the elbows to the base of the armpits. Do it 10 times each.

③ Make a fist with your right hand and put it under your left armpit. In that state, tighten the left armpit. The axillary lymph is stimulated and the flow is smooth.

Do the same for the right armpit.

* If you massage the meat and bring it to the bust, it will return to its original state.

Be sure to wear a night bra before going to bed.

With a normal bra, slipping or tightening will slow down the lymphatic flow again.

5.Muscle training and massage summary to thin the upper arm

How was it? The caretaker used this method to reduce the size by 3 cm in two weeks before the wedding.

To make your upper arm thinner

✅ Doing muscle training

✅ Thoroughly loosen and drain lymph

It is important to be aware of these two points.

If you continue every day, it will definitely get thinner, so please try it.