[My Nature] After dyeing gray hair with a color treatment, the effect was as good as the word-of-mouth evaluation, so a review

Five effects of Minature Color Treatment

Let's take a look at the reviews of Minature's color treatment at cosmetics and the effects they actually tried.

Review of Mainature 1: Even a small amount of white hair can be dyed beautifully in one go

In the word of mouth of At Cosmetics, it was written that "it dyes really well" and "there is little discoloration".

However, I

The additive-free hair color treatment [Minature] is not a "gray hair dye" but a "color treatment", so I didn't expect that much about the effect, "maybe it doesn't dye too much?"

As a result of trying it, it was surprisingly evenly dyed in one shot.

* There may be individual differences.

* If you can use it as a reference for the color of Brown.

The lower half of the hair was originally colored, so please refer to the upper part. It's pretty beautiful.

Review of Mainature 2: Easy to use

As a result of trying Minature, it was really easy to use, so it was not a pain to continue.

How to use my nature

1. 1.After shampooing, towel dry hair or spray on dry hair

2. Leave it for about 10 minutes

3. 3.Rinse in the shower until the color disappears

Personally, I feel that spraying it on dry hair will dye it better.

After using it several more times, the color did not fade.

Review of Minature 3: No ingredients added to prevent rough skin

The ingredients of the additive-free hair color treatment [Mainature] are 94% plant raw materials and an additive-free formula.

All ingredient names are also displayed, and allergies have been tested.

Recommended for those who are concerned about itching, sensitive skin, hair damage, and hair loss, as well as gray hair.

(Even if that is not the case, it is better not to add percutaneous poison, so use a natural one.)

The caretaker CIAN tends to get rough skin, such as pimples on the scalp when coloring, but by the way, I haven't had any rough skin since I made it my nature.

Review of My Nature 4: Moisturizes Hair (Glossy)

My Nature Color Treatment seems to repair the hair while coloring.

Perhaps because of this, the hair became moisturized and firmer after using the color treatment.

There is no "squeaky" feeling after coloring, and there is no resistance to using it like a treatment.

* By the way, Minature is a hair coloring treatment. It's not shampoo.

Review of Mainature 5: No unpleasant odor

My nature did not have the tingling odor peculiar to colorants.

I've always been suffering from that colorant odor for about two days after coloring,
Is this a lavender? It is the scent of.

scent? It is almost fragrance-free, which is not enough to call it.

Now I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Main Nature Color Treatment Price and Color Details

Let's take a look at the details of the Minature Color Treatment.

How much does a minority color treatment cost? Is it cheap?

In fact, it can be cheap or expensive.

Mainity color treatments are mainly purchased on a regular basis.

The price depends on the purchase pattern at that time.

Subscription pattern First time (per one) From the second time onwards (per one)
2 bottles set every month 3380 yen (1690 yen) 6760 yen (3380 yen)
1 set every month 3000 yen (3000 yen) 3380 yen (3380 yen)

There are no restrictions on cancellation, so if you contact us 10 days before the next delivery date, you can cancel even if you have a regular purchase with only one order.

Therefore, the regular purchase 2 bottle set is overwhelmingly cheap, but if you are uncertain, you can try from 1 bottle.

Color types of my nature color treatment

There are two types of colors for the Minature Color Treatment.

Brown (slightly lighter hair color) Dark brown (slightly darker color)

The hair color of the caretaker is a little light, so I chose "brown".


The color is not too bright and has a calm color, and the white hair is less familiar with the surrounding hair and is less noticeable.

If you are still uncertain, you can return it. 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind

Within 30 days of ordering, there seems to be a full money-back guarantee with only shipping costs.

I am satisfied and have not returned it, but you can get a refund by following the steps below.

Heading (15 double-byte characters)

  • Questionnaire answers

  • Return of the main body (OK even after use)

  • Purchase statement (printout of email is OK)

  • Advance contact by phone (link)

How confident is the product that has a money-back guarantee? ..

2020.5.13 postscript

There is a booklet in the box that you receive about the refund procedure, but it was written in great detail there.

There were two polite documents explaining how to refund ...!

So, even after using it, you can "return it because it didn't fit ...".

What's more, you can't get lost in the refund process.

Of course, you can cancel the contract only once without returning it!

* By the way, it seems that Minature is not yet on the market. Please be careful about similar products such as flea market sites and used products.


How was it?

At first, I thought, "I never used gray hair dye."

With this minority color treatment, your hair will become glossy and your hair will be dyed like a treatment.

Now I'm even looking forward to using it.

If you're wondering, there's a money-back guarantee and you can try it risk-free.

Even if you try it once, you won't fail.