Breast-enhancing foods People who haven't had a breastfeeding effect by taking soy milk or dairy products

I wanted to make my breasts bigger, so I looked up how to feed them with food, but eating soy milk or dairy products doesn't make them bigger.

I want to know the foods that are effective for breastfeeding.

This article solves these problems.

Reliability of this article


The caretaker CIAN was originally small and gave up.

When she was 36 years old, she got excited and worked on bust-up, trial and error,

She has now improved from A75cm to D65cm.

She wanted to get bigger quickly and drank soy milk and dairy products a lot,

My chest didn't grow.

(Instead, I was in trouble because my lower body, such as my buttocks, became bigger.)

So, when I changed the food to high-quality protein, the decollete became tense in a month and started to grow.

In conclusion, people who don't get big breasts with soy milk or dairy products have different constitutions from people who get big breasts with soy milk.

You had better quit once.

Instead of soy milk and dairy products, you can feel the changes in your body by taking high-quality protein.

Let's take a look.

Why soy milk and dairy products don't make your breasts bigger

Now let's see why soy milk and dairy products don't make your breasts bigger.

Soy milk is counterproductive when it is cold or has poor lymphatic circulation.

When a person with a fat lower body and relatively little meat in the upper body tries to enlarge his chest,

You have to add fat to the decollete.

But like me

  • Mainly sitting work

  • Do not exercise much

  • If anything, I'm more concerned about the lower body than the upper body

  • Severe menstrual pain

The person who says

Meat will be attached to the lower body such as the hips before the decollete.

That is, the uterus of a person with a fat lower body is originally cold.

The hormonal balance is not good from the beginning

To get more isoflavones, which are similar to female hormones, by drinking soy milk

It's out of balance.

Also dairy products

✅ Japanese people have few enzymes that break down lactose and cannot digest it properly.

✅ Many dairy products are cold, such as milk and yogurt, so swelling should be aggravated.

Fat accumulates in the lower half of the body and makes you look fat.


I too did not get the milk-growing effect with soy milk and dairy products, which led to the worst result of getting fat in the lower body.tears

When I consulted with a Chinese medicine teacher, I was advised that I also have anemia, so if I take animal protein firmly and treat it from the ground up, I can bust up and treat anemia.

So, when I refrained from soy milk and dairy products and increased the amount of protein, I started to get meat firmly, mainly in décolletage.

At the same time, I was taking measures such as squats to remove the swelling of the lower body, so the lower body was also refreshed.

How to grow with foods other than soy milk and dairy products

Then, what kind of food and how much should you eat to make your breasts bigger?

Let's actually see it.

What food do you want to add to your decollete or bust?

What foods do people who couldn't bust up with soy milk or dairy products put up on their decollete or bust?

It's meat.

There is a good reason why eating meat makes your breasts bigger.

This is because "the protein of meat regulates female hormones".

For those who are originally hormonally disturbed,

Rather than eating foods similar to estrogen and increasing the amount of estrogen

It is more important to have stable female hormones secreted.

By taking high-quality protein such as meat,

It stabilizes female hormones and leads to bust-up.

The Kano sisters have been eating meat such as steak since the morning. You need meat to make a beautiful bust.

Originally, I liked fish more than meat, and when I ate meat, my stomach was leaning in the morning.

I didn't eat much.

However, when I learned that meat makes my breasts bigger,

I tried to eat less at night and get hungry in the morning.

And from the morning, I started to eat meat such as hamburger steak, grilled ginger, and sautéed chicken.

I reduced the burden a little by making it a bon bon chicken at night.

In total for one day, I tried to get about 200g of meat.

Then, in a month, the bra became tight and the lower body became tight.

Because I was also working on squats to lose weight in the lower body.

It can be said that because I started to take a lot of protein, my muscles were firmly attached and the lower body started burning.


The meat life was really hard from the morning.

I cooked it when I didn't have time in the morning, or used salad chicken as a substitute, but I'm really tired of it.

So now I changed to protein. It's as easy as dissolving it in water, and it's as effective as meat.

Things to watch out for when food starts to make your breasts bigger

Some people realize that when they start drinking meat or protein, their breasts grow in about a week.

However, even if the décolletage begins to get meat, if you leave it as it is,

Meat will flow to your back, armpits, and stomach.

It is a must to use a massage or night bra to keep the meat firmly in your chest.

Please refer to the following for the night bra.

* The point is the holding power.


How was it?

Get good quality protein with meat and protein

Please try the method of pulling it firmly with a night bra or massage.

If your lower body swells or your metabolism deteriorates, it will affect your bust, so

Let's work on it at the same time.