[Viage Beauty Up Night Bra] Be careful of word of mouth. Doesn't it have a breast-feeding effect if it doesn't fit the size?

What is the effect of viage night bra? 1 year trial review

Viage's night bra, if you choose the one that suits you even the size, 1 cup in 3 months,

After that, when I used a breast-feeding massage together with viage night bra, it had a breast-feeding effect of about 3 cups up.

Compared to other night bras, this product was well-balanced and the most convenient.

Comparison with other night bras and viage

Other bras worked well, but as soon as I washed them, the laces got tangled and

It was difficult to put the meat on the side into the cup, and the holding power of the underarm was weak, so it did not fit well.

Especially since I had a small breast, I bought it for breastfeeding purposes, but Viage was addicted to me well.

Please refer to the following articles for comparison details.

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How to choose the size of Viage Beauty Up Night Bra

The Viage Night Bra will not work unless you measure it carefully and wear the correct size.

The top bust should be measured from the height of the nipple, and the under bust should be measured with a tape measure just below the breast.

In particular, choose the right underbust so that the meat of the bust does not escape.


It may feel tight at first, but it will grow a little as you put it on and take it off, and you will need to wash it again.

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Viage Beauty Up Night Bra Size Chart

Product name VIAGE Beauty Up Night Bra
Material Body: 87% nylon, 13% polyurethane Side: 100% cotton
ColorBlack, pink, purple, light blue, navy
size S size (top bust: 72-80cm under bust: 60-65cm)
S / M size (Top bust: 76-83cm Under bust: 60-65cm)
M size (Top bust: 79-87cm Under bust: 65-75cm)
M / L size (Top bust: 83-90cm Under bust: 65-75cm)
L size (Top bust: 86-95cm Under bust: 70-80cm)
LL size (Top bust: 96-103cm Under bust: 75-80cm)

* Please be sure to measure the size carefully and refer to the above table before purchasing.

Previously, size exchange was OK, but now it is no longer possible to exchange or return.

Is the review of viage night bra true? Or is it a stemmer?

Many night bra reviews use big breasted models and are posted with stunning composite photos.

You'll be restrained by saying, "Maybe it's a stemmer."

Therefore, it seems that there are many people who can never touch the night bra.

Is Viage a stemmer?I hear it has a good reputation, but ...

In fact, there are about half of the reviews of Viage.

When I bought a product, I was often tired of it because of the stemmer.

Stemma says "without actually trying it" and "without comparing it with other products".

I can't trust it because it advertises by using fake photos.

Therefore, on this site, the ones actually used by the administrator and

After analyzing the data, I try to carefully select and convey the products that I have judged to be "objectively credible."

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[Latest version] Recommended night bra ranking [For small breasts]

As for Viage, there are a lot of articles like Stema, so try using it yourself.

It was a product that was very effective, saying, "If you don't make a mistake in the size," so I think you'll be satisfied without any problems.

* By the way, if you purchase it from other than the official website, it may be mixed in size or replaced with a similar product, so we do not recommend it.