[Is it okay to get fat in the corona? ] Let's solve the lack of exercise at the same time while working from home

How to train while working from home Part 1 Muscle training with EMS

When you work from home and lack exercise, your muscles are the most weakened.

The easiest way is to work on a PC while doing muscle training with EMS.

It won't be revealed during the meeting, and moderate stimulation will increase your concentration.

The stimulus suppresses drowsiness, so you can stay focused. I always use it after lunch.

Recommended abdominal muscle belt EMS

Below is a summary of recommended EMS belts for the abdominal muscles. please refer.

How to train while working from home Part 2 Walking while sitting

Adult women are recommended to walk about 8000 steps a day to stay healthy.

However, even if I do my best to take a walk at the end of work, about 5,000 steps are the mountains of Seki.

You can't go out while working from home,

There are goods that have the same effect as walking while sitting.


Leg Fumi Healthy Life has the same exercise effect as walking 1000 steps in 5 minutes. It is an exercise device that can compensate for lack of walking while sitting.

It's easy to get started, so you don't have to make a big decision, so it's a product that you definitely want to incorporate into your home work.

No power supply is required, so you can exercise comfortably just by placing it under the chair you are always sitting on.

In particular, the lower half of the body tends to swell when working from home, but it is effective for swelling because it improves blood flow and lymphatic flow.

It improves metabolism, so your body starts to feel warm, and it is recommended for people with poor circulation! The brain is also activated and work is done faster.

How to train while working from home Part 3 Improve blood flow

If you work from home and sit in the same posture, blood flow will deteriorate.

However, it is difficult to maintain the correct posture on your own.

However, there are chairs that make you want to stretch once every 15 minutes.

It is an unprecedented sitting chair that pursues stretching, loosening, and trimming the neck, shoulders, back, and hips with ease.

Her body is light because she can stretch her easily while working.


Actually, this feels insane!

If you concentrate for 15 minutes, you can work forever in 1 minute! !!

I can't let go of it when I work on my PC.


How was it?

If you try to exercise separately after working from home, the hurdle is high,

If you can work from home, solve the lack of exercise, and train well, it will be very efficient!

Let's solve the lack of exercise firmly while working from home.