[Do you need a night bra for the A cup? ] Three reasons why you should wear a night bra even if your chest is small

What is Night Bra? What is your role?

What is a night bra in the first place? What role do you have?

First of all, some people may not understand this, so let's take a look.

What is Night Bra

The normal awake bra has a center of gravity pointing downwards, so it is designed to prevent the bust from sagging.

However, when sleeping, the bust tends to flow toward the back and sides.

The night bra has a structure that wraps the bust from all directions, and keeps the bust in place so that the bust does not flow even if you turn over.

People with a small bust wear a night bra to firmly collect and fix the meat on the sides and the meat on the back and stomach.

In the first stage, the cup will be fluffy, but as you continue, the meat will gradually gather in the bust.

Reasons why a night bra is necessary even for people with small breasts ① Collect and fix meat on the chest Many people think that "it is thin and there is little meat on the upper body, so it is not possible to bust up".

If you scrape it from your back, stomach, and sides, you will find that there is about one egg left in the meat.

Where did the meat come from?

By not wearing a night bra, the fat that should normally settle in the chest

It has flowed to the sides, stomach, upper arms, and back.

By wearing a night bra, you can bring those meats back to your chest and settle them.

Especially, if you choose a type that can hold the underside firmly, it will collect the meat of the stomach firmly and collect it in the chest.

The meat returns to the chest and busts up.

Therefore, even people with small breasts need to wear a night bra.

At first, even if I wore a night bra, the cup was loose.

However, by putting on a night bra every night and holding the underside firmly,

I found that the meat in my stomach gradually moved to my chest and the cup was filled!

Reasons why a night bra is necessary even for people with small breasts ② Protect the Cooper's ligament

The chest has a Cooper's ligament, a ligament that supports the chest like a suspension bridge rope.

Once this Cooper's ligament breaks, it cannot be restored and the chest will hang down.

But since my chest is small, I think it won't cut under the weight.

Doesn't it hang down? My chest is too small. .. ..

In fact, people with small breasts are miserable when their breasts hang down.

The décolletage is slender and the chest looks more and more poor.

In fact, this Cooper's ligament is easily broken by the movement of the chest and friction.

However, while sleeping, the chest moves and prone position unknowingly damages the Cooper's ligament.

Wearing a night bra will hold your chest and protect your chest from external friction.

Reasons why a night bra is necessary even for people with small breasts ③ Blood flow improves

People with small breasts often have poor blood flow around their breasts, which causes them to become smaller.

However, by wearing a night bra, you can put the fat you want in the right place.

As a result, blood flow around the chest improves and the chest tends to grow larger.

Especially the axilla is full of lymph.

After thoroughly massaging and loosening in the bath, by putting on the night bra correctly,

Try to keep your blood flow good.

How to choose a night bra for people with small breasts

There are many types of night bras, but which one should I wear because I have a small chest?

Choose your night bra carefully if you have small breasts.

As I mentioned earlier,

People with small breasts should choose a night bra that has a high hold and is durable and should be used continuously every day.

For those who have small breasts and want to use a night bra,

Please choose a night bra by referring to the following articles.

Click here for how to choose a night bra for small breasts ▼▼▼


How was it?

For the above reasons, it is not recommended to spend time in a bra just because your chest is small.

If you haven't put on a night bra yet,

If you don't like the night bra,

We recommend that you find and wear a night bra that has a strong holding power that suits you.

The night bra alone doesn't make your breasts grow quickly,

If you don't wear a night bra, it won't start.