4 ways for girls who can't continue muscle training every day

Three characteristics of girls who do not continue muscle training

First of all, about the characteristics of girls who do not continue muscle training.

This was about me a year ago, but I'm sure it applies to everyone.

1. 1.Morning is weak

Most of the people who can't continue are those who "get up in the morning".

Every day, I barely get up from bed in the morning,

If there is no reason to wake up at work, I think that many people just fall asleep slowly.

"I'm not a morning person"

"I'm too busy to take time"

"Low blood pressure and weak morning"

"I don't want to reduce my sleep time"

I always thought this way,

At that time, muscle training also has a habit of skipping while making excuses for myself.

I started to use the excuse that I was tired today when I didn't do muscle training.

2. 2.Diet goals are too high

To keep up your muscle training, don't set goals that are too high for your diet plan.

Especially girls are motivated when setting diet goals,

・ Squats 100 times!

・ Abdominal muscle 50 times!

And so on, you will set goals that are too high.

However, on days when you are really tired, you will not be motivated to do muscle training and you will skip.

And if you skip muscle training once, you will fall into self-loathing or have a habit of skipping.

You will not be able to continue muscle training.

3. 3.The purpose of doing muscle training is not clear

The biggest problem is that the purpose is not clear.

Due to the busy life of modern girls, there are countless excuses that cannot be continued.

In such a state, it is extremely difficult to continue muscle training.


  • Just because I skipped muscle training doesn't change my life tomorrow.

  • There are no penalties right now for skipping.

The reality of this spurs the skipping.

But what if you think about your point of view toward "life"?

Certainly tomorrow will not change without muscle training.

However, if you do not continue muscle training,

The ideal body line will never be obtained, and body fat will not be reduced.

I already know the answer that it is necessary to "continue muscle training" in order to get closer to my ideal figure

Don't you think it's strange that you're "too busy" and not trying to be happy?

I don't realize that it's more stressful to live with that dissatisfaction for the rest of my life.

How to continue muscle training 4 steps

Now let's see how we can continue muscle training.


Step 1.Write the purpose of doing muscle training and paste it where you can see it

For those who start muscle training,

  • "I can't fit my favorite jeans anymore!"

  • "I was disappointed in my appearance in the mirror."

  • "Currently not the ideal body line"

  • "I want to go to the sea but I can't wear a swimsuit"

  • "The risk of illness has increased" or "I want to improve my illness"

There are many people who are somewhat dissatisfied with themselves.

However, when it comes to continuing muscle training,

You may be tired and busy every day and you may not be able to do it.

Therefore, I have never been able to resolve my physical dissatisfaction.

To continue muscle training

✅ What are you doing muscle training for?

✅ How do you feel when you achieve it?

It is necessary to check these two points every day.

To do this, write the above two points on a piece of paper and stick them wherever you see them every day.

Also, at that time, be sure to incorporate something that appeals to your eyes, such as a photograph of your ideal figure.

Toilet doors and smartphone wallpapers are recommended because they are places you will definitely see during the day.

Watching it every day will motivate you to do muscle training.

This is called a vision board.It's exciting to make a vision board, and I highly recommend it because it reminds me of my original intentions every time I see it.

Step 2. Make the daily muscle training menu as easy as possible

1. 1. As for the motivation I mentioned in, it's OK to just look at the vision board every day.

If you rely too much on your motivation, you will not be able to continue your muscle training.

This is because human emotions change as we live every day.

If you get a little disturbed, you will soon quit muscle training, so it is important to get into the habit.

To do this, it's important to plan your muscle training and make one task seem ridiculous.

For example, put it in the following plans and menus.

[Muscle training plan]

Train your leg strength and abdominal circumference

[1 day menu]

  • Abdominal muscle once

  • Back muscle once

  • 1 squat

  • Stretch once in a futon

In this way, set goals that are harder to fail.

Even if you realize that you couldn't do muscle training before going to bed, you can do it in the futon.

By setting goals that cannot fail

Without losing confidence that "I couldn't do it"

You will be able to continue and become a habit of muscle training because you think "Let's do our best tomorrow".

Step 3.Decide the signal to start muscle training

It is easier to continue muscle training if you decide on a signal to start muscle training.

for example,

  • Do muscle training when you go to the bathroom in the morning [Behavioral base]

  • Do muscle training every day at 10 pm [Time base]

In this way, decide whether to trigger muscle training on a behavioral basis or start muscle training on a time basis.

People who live irregularly or work on business trips are more likely to get into the habit of muscle training if they are based on behavior.

Also, if you wake up or act at a fixed time every day, it's a good idea to base it on a time basis.

Also, if you are not good at doing these rules, before going to bed at night

Looking back on "Is muscle training done today?", If not, I will do it on the spot.

I also recommend it.

In any case, it is easy to continue muscle training if you make some chance to do muscle training every day.

The later in the day, the more troublesome people are.

Life will change in 5 minutes in the morning.

Step 4.Decide the reward after completing the muscle training menu

Let's make a reward that makes muscle training a pleasure.

A very small reward is fine.

For example, the following rewards.

  • Let's make good coffee if we do muscle training today

  • Let's train while watching the MV of your favorite artist

  • After training, let's go buy that magazine


However, rewards that eliminate the effect of muscle training make it difficult to obtain muscle training results in the long run.

On the contrary, it will be stressful for you, so you should avoid it.

For example:

[Example of bad reward]

  • Let's eat potato chips after muscle training

  • Let's drink beer after doing muscle training

Sometimes it's good, but if you set your daily muscle training goal to something that reduces the muscle training effect,

It ’s really overturned, so

Let's devise and set rewards to realize your ideal.

Summary of how girls continue muscle training

How was it?

I think many people thought that continuing muscle training every day was a high hurdle, but

It is recommended to do muscle training at this step because you can not fail.

Even once a day, if you continue every day, you can continue for 365 days.

Let's continue the muscle training happily while complimenting yourself who has abdominal muscles even once a day!

[4 steps to continue muscle training]

✅ Write the purpose of doing muscle training and paste it where you can see it

✅ Make the daily muscle training menu as easy as possible

✅ Decide the signal to start muscle training

✅ Decide on a reward