Women get old because of iron deficiency.For causes of hair loss, white hair, dryness, age spots, and wrinkles

If you have more than one of the following symptoms, you may be deficient in iron.

✅ Easy to get tired even though you are not doing anything

✅ Morning is terrible

✅ Frustrated

✅ Palpitations

✅ My hair is not stiff, and problems such as gray hair and dryness have increased.

✅ The skin is dull and not firm. Some stains have appeared.

Women are especially menstrual and tend to be deficient in iron due to anemia.

In this article, I will tell you about the causes of iron deficiency that make you look old and what you can do about it.

The caretaker, CIAN, was so anemic that he had to get an injection of iron once a week.

As a result, I was suffering from hair loss, dizziness, dull skin, and poor complexion on my lips.

However, after reviewing my lifestyle and habits, I have now recovered to the point where I don't have to go to the hospital.

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

First, let's see exactly if you are deficient in iron.

If you run out of iron, you will have the following symptoms.

1. 1.Get tired easily

✅ Even if you are not exercising hard, you will get tired from your daily life.

✅ Also, because I sleep lightly, I still feel tired in the morning even if I sleep.

Such a person can be said to have iron deficiency or anemia.

2. 2.Shortness of breath on the stairs

People with anemia have poor blood flow, so climbing stairs leaves a strong feeling of fatigue in the legs.

If you start to feel tired and short of breath, you should suspect iron deficiency or anemia.

If you have numbness in your fingers or toes, please see a hospital.

3. 3.I have a bad complexion, more spots and wrinkles

✅ My face is dull

✅ Blue is pale

✅ The lips are pale

Such a person is likely to have iron deficiency or anemia.

Also, if the spots become darker, it may be thought that skin turnover does not work properly due to lack of iron.

4.Let's eat the ice in the drink

People who are deficient in iron have a habit of instinctively eating ice.

People who want to eat ice asexually even though it's not so hot

You may suspect an iron deficiency.

5. Excessive menstruation (large amount of bleeding)

People who have a lot of bleeding during menstruation or who have blood clots are suspected of having iron deficiency anemia due to heavy bleeding.

An indication of whether or not there is a lot of bleeding is

If you have a day when you need to replace your menstrual pads in a few hours, you can determine that you have excessive bleeding.

6.The nail is dented on the spoon

This is a typical example of those who are deficient in iron.

People with significant iron deficiencies often have their nails on a raised spoon.

7.Increased hair loss, dryness, and white hair

When iron is insufficient, the hair becomes less moisturized and stiff, hair loss and white hair increase, and the dryness of the hair does not heal.

I have trouble with my hair.

If you have these symptoms, suspect iron deficiency.

What causes women to run out of iron?

Overwhelmingly women are deficient in iron.

So why are women deficient in iron?

1. 1.Because I have menstruation

The main reason is that women have menstruation and she bleeds every month if she is not pregnant.

Due to menstruation, blood and iron in the blood are lost, and iron deficiency is likely to occur.

Especially in recent years, the number of menstrual periods has increased significantly due to late marriage and a decrease in the birth rate.

Women are more likely to have anemia and have uterine problems.

2. 2.Changes in eating habits

In recent years, the chances of eating foods high in iron have decreased significantly.

It is troublesome to make the following side dishes that contain a lot of iron.

Ingredients rich in iron

・ Spinach soak

・ Boiled liver

・ Kanro-ni of hijiki seaweed

・ Cooking with black sesame seeds

on the other hand,

Easy-to-eat meals such as fast food, bread, and pasta have become popular.

Therefore, it is thought that iron is insufficient.

How to improve iron deficiency?

To improve iron deficiency, "supplement iron" and "store iron".

1. 1.Supplement iron

To supplement iron, you need to supplement it from foods and supplements.

Because women have menstruation, it is necessary to supplement their iron deficiency by taking 10,5 g of iron daily.

Some iron-rich meals include:

A diet high in iron

menuIntakeIron content
Boiled can of Asari 30g 11.3 mg
Pork liver 100g 13 mg
Boiled hijiki seaweed 20g 11 mg
Spinach soak 300g 11 mg

It may be quite difficult to eat with meals ...!I can't eat 300g of ohitashi and I can't cook this dish every day.

Precautions when ingesting iron

Iron is difficult to absorb and should be taken with vitamin C.

Also, drinks containing caffeine and tannins and foods containing dietary fiber

Care must be taken as it inhibits iron absorption.

2. 2.Store iron

Even if you take a lot of iron, if you bleed a lot during your period, you will be in a state of iron deficiency.

Most people with over-menstruation have a cold lower body, which may be cold or have severe menstrual cramps.

First of all, let's try to improve the sensitivity to cold.

In addition, poor circulation often comes from lack of muscle mass.

It is important to build muscle and increase metabolism.


How was it?

I don't think any woman is very serious about iron deficiency and anemia,

Her white hair and hair loss may increase due to lack of iron, and her appearance may look old.

If her skin is dull, she loses her confidence.

Aging care starts with daily health management.

Please start a life that makes up for the iron deficiency.